Help provide a new beginning for Pakistani women through education - My WAHM Plan

Help provide a new beginning for Pakistani women through education

The first month of the new year is slowly ending and while I was reflecting on my accomplishments to date, I realized that while I’ve been pouring into my family and home, (which is as it should be), I haven’t really gotten back into full work mode, especially when it comes to sharing the good works from Trades of Hope, the company that won my heart during the rush leading up to Christmas. I’d like to change that today by sharing our New Beginnings Hostess Incentive, which gives you a way to help provide a new beginning for Pakistani women through education.

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I’m a Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur and will receive a commission on a successful party or sale via links shared in this post. 

About Trades of Hope New Beginnings Hostess Incentive:

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This January through March we are partnering with our Pakistani Artisans and the Daughters of Shalom Institute to provide Life Skills classes for women rising above their circumstances and forging a better life not only for them but also their families and their communities. Through this giveback, women in Pakistan will receive free training classes on reading, writing, sewing and many other valuable life skills. We are so excited about this first quarter’s Hostess Incentive! 

About the Daughters of Shalom Institute:
“The Daughters of Shalom Institute in Pakistan was founded in 2005 by our Pakistani Artisan partners, Mushtaq and Kanwel. The training center began with only five women and has expanded today to two campuses with over 180 women currently enrolled in classes.”
Pakistani women learning to sew at Shalom Institute #TOH #brandpartner

According to Trades of Hope site; The women come from poor families, and many have been in bond slavery. During the classes, they learn how to read, write, and sew among other valuable life skills, giving these women a chance to experience a brighter tomorrow. 

Meet student Kainat:

One of the students from Daughters of Shalom, Kainat, learned how to sew and was hired as a seamstress for Trades of Hope. Kainat comes from a large family with 10 siblings. Her father was an alcoholic and abusive to the family. When his addictions took his life, Kainat’s mother was helpless to support her family. Now through her work as an artisan, she is able to support her family and purchase medication for her mother. The feeling of desperation has been replaced with hope for Kainat and her family!
Kainat sews for Trades of Hope in the morning and remains at Daughters of Shalom Institute in the afternoon to complete her training in adult literacy. Kainat shares, “I really enjoy the community of friends I have at the center. I am so thankful for my work because my life is more stable now.”

The second campus, the Lydia Campus, opened in 2015 by Mushtaq’s sister, Razia. Razia was a prior student of the training center and was eager to open another campus. She began with an after-school program for the children and soon, the mothers came to Razia asking to be also be taught. 
Currently, there are over 180 women enrolled in these classes, but there is always a wait list for others to join. When you host a party, you are changing lives for women like Kainat and creating new beginnings for generations to come! 

Help provide a New Beginning for Pakistani women by hosting a TOH party:

Before you scroll away, thinking you don’t have time to clean and invite people over to your home, please know that Trades of Hope LOVES a good online party! In fact, they make it super easy for you to host a Facebook party by offering step by step guideline, tips and graphics to ensure your party is fun and successful. Plus, I’ll be there to help you too.  Of course, in home parties can be a ton of fun as well and I’ve got a lot of creative ideas to share with you should you decide to go that route. 

The New Beginnings hostess details:

For every $600+ party held and closed in the months of January – March 2019, we will provide five (5) life skills classes to Pakistani women escaping hardship. Your qualifying hostess will also receive a pair of the exclusive Trinity Drop Earrings to celebrate! 

TOH Trinity Drop Earrings hostess reward #brandpartnerTOH Trinity Drop Earrings hostess reward #brandpartner

These beautiful earrings are handmade by artisans in India and feature a mixed metal stud, and half-moon shapes made from resin and teak wood. The approximate measurements are 2.28 inches high x 1 inch wide.

  • Each qualifying hostess will receive one pair of earrings per party.
  • Original event date must be held and closed with orders placed between 1/1/19 –3/31/19. 
  • For each $600 PRV level, five (5) life skills classes will be provided to a woman in Pakistan from their party! So, $1200 PRV party = 10 life skills classes, $1800 PRV = 15, and so on!

Ready to party for this great cause?

Just go to my Trades of Hope website and click the HOST link. Here you’ll learn a little more about how each party and Trades of Hope sale helps empower women out of poverty, sweat shops, sex trade, and other adverse conditions around the world.

You’ll also see a full break down of the hostess rewards in an easy to save for reference throughout your party. 

Trades of Hope hostess rewards #brandpartner

I held my first online party during the Christmas rush (crazy, I know!) and still had a great time and did well for my first party, so I'm betting your winter party will be just as fun and rewarding for all, but especially for these women in need!

I hope you’ll join me in this wonderful incentive! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about it and Trades of Hope.

Please share in comments: Have you ever hosted an online party?

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